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Wedding Desserts in Mesa, AZ


Hot Cookie Bar
Warm chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut and double chocolate cookies served with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream toppings
Churro Bar
Hot sugar/cinnamon churros served with hot fudge, caramel, dolce de leche and sprinkle toppings
Donut Wall
 Variety of donuts displayed and served on a stylish donut wall
S’mores Bar
Guests roast their own marshmallow over a flame – includes graham crackers and a variety of chocolates
Crepe Bar
Crepes served fresh with chocolate, fresh berries and whipped cream
Ice Cream Bar
Gallons of your ice cream choice scooped by our staff that includes all of the ice cream toppings
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Fresh strawberries dipped in smooth milk chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle
Mini Dessert Platter
Mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, mini snickerdoodle cookies, mint brownie cups and mini cheesecake bites
Your choice of cake flavor and frosting type
Sheet Cake
Your choice of cake flavor and frosting type
Hot Chocolate Bar
Hot chocolate served from our stylish dispenser served with hot cocoa toppings

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The Best Wedding Desserts

Are you looking for wedding desserts in Mesa or Gilbert, AZ? We have just what you need. Select From our Menu Choices above to see the full menu options.

Our Desserts Menu has a variety of delicious items to make a simple budget go a long way.

Wedding Dessert Trends In Mesa

Are you looking for popular wedding dessert trends in your area? The Smore’s bar or the Donut Wall have been super popular at weddings lately especially here in Mesa, Arizona. Most importantly, these two popular desserts also cost less than the other options. Ask us for pricing details at (602) 935-6508.

Meanwhile, at one of our favorite weddings in Mesa, we were able to bring out our favorite treat! This set up is always a hit. For instance, the kids and adults will all love roasting their own marshmallows then placing it on a graham cracker, and stacking on one of our three favorite chocolate choices: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hersheys Chocolate, and Hersheys Cookies and Cream.

Are you looking for a simple dessert for your event?

In short, Cookies are an easy and less expensive way to make large groups of people happy.  For example, we recently prepared 1,500 cookies for a huge local community holiday party in Gilbert, Arizona. We had such a great time at this event, and loved showing off some of Alyssa’s favorite decorations for the Winter Holiday Theme! We spoke to several guests and even shared our ‘not so secret’ chocolate chip cookie recipe! We made Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and our Chocolate Crinkle cookies. 

Wedding catering can be easy

To sum it up, Cactus Catering just wants to offer a simple, easy, and decorative catering solution for your wedding. Do you live in Mesa or Gilbert Arizona? Likewise, we want to help you have the wedding you have always dreamed. Moreover, food is the last thing you want to stress about during your big day. Let us help keep it simple, look great, and taste delicious.

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