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Wedding buffet Catering

Wedding & Event Catering in Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona

See Our Wedding Buffet Menus Below

Wedding Buffet Catering

Weddings can be much cheaper if you use a buffet style catering service. Fittingly, Cactus Catering can make this task super easy.

Appetizers Menu


Cute and simple appetizers to keep guests happy

Easy Wedding Catering Soups

Full Entrées

Full meals that will keep guests full and excited for a great time.


Tasty Treats and Desserts to top off a perfect night.

Catering Services Include:

1. Set up
2. Food Presentation (To match your theme)
3. Buffet Line Food Replenishing
4. Ice Water or Punch
5. Eating Utensils
6. Buffet Line Clean Up

Wedding Catering - Buffet Style

Are you looking for a simple but elegant buffet catering service? Our wedding catering menus can help. For example, each item on our menu will be served Buffet Style which means less overhead costs for us. Therefore, Buffet Style Wedding Catering is the best answer for those on a realistic budget. We want to pass the savings on to you.  Check out our buffet menus, pick one or more food items you think fit your wedding (mix and match). Tell us how many people you estimate on having and we will give you a quote. Call us for with your favorite wedding buffet menu choices: (602) 935-6508  


As a result, of seasonality, and the number of guests that attend our prices may vary. However, we are often the lowest prices in town. We suggest looking over our buffet catering menus to find one or more options to go with your special wedding day. Do you know how many people will attend? Do you know your Wedding Date? Please let us know so we can factor in all elements to your price. Lastly, please don’t lowball the head count we take pride in our work, and we promise to be as cheap as possible for your special day. 

Please call us with the information so we can get you a quote. (602) 935-6508

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