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Vegetable Tray
Carrots, celery, tomato, broccoli, cucumbers, mild peppers with a homemade spinach dip and dill dip
Fruit Tray
A variety of fruits with fruit dip
Charcuterie Board
A variety of crackers, bread, meats, cheeses, nuts, veggies, fruit, dried fruit arranged on wooden boards
Meatballs in a delicious jelly/bar-b-que sauce
Little Smokies
Bacon wrapped little smokies smothered in a honey bar-b-que sauce
Ice Shrimp
Shrimp in cocktail sauce
Grilled Garlic Bread with Dips
Grilled white garlic bread slices with spinach dip, pesto dip and pimento cheese dip
Cheese and Crackers
A variety of crackers served with a cheese ball dip and brie cheese dip
Hot Ham & Cheese Sliders
Mini hot ham & cheese sliders with a poppyseed butter glaze
Mini Chicken Salad Croissants
Chicken salad served on a butter croissant
Mini Grilled Turkey and Artichoke Paninis
Turkey and artichoke/spinach spread on sourdough bread
Pinwheel Turkey Tortilla Roll-Ups
Turkey, cream cheese, seasonings, spinach and cheese rolled up into a fresh tortilla and cut into pinwheel slices
Mini Grilled Chicken and Veggie Skewers
Seasoned and grilled chicken bites with a variety of veggies
Mini Steak and Potato Skewers
Seasoned and grilled steak bites with mini garlic potatoes

We offer a variety of appetizer portions that are delicious and satisfying. Likewise, with our delicious food and beautiful tablescapes, the food table will be the highlight of your event.

Cheap Wedding Catering

If you are looking for an easy way to put together Cheap wedding Catering for your event you have come to the right place. First, select 1, 2, 3, or more Appetizers options from our Menu below. As a result, your wedding or event will have a beautiful food display with complimenting the decor.

Looking for Cheap Wedding Catering Ideas?

First of all, cheap wedding catering can still look and taste great! Are you planning your wedding on a budget? Well, we sure hope so! Certainly, money can get used up quickly when thinking of all the cute things you want to include on your special day. As a result, we developed a Catering Strategy to help you budget your Wedding Food while still making it taste and look beautiful.

As you can see, we have plenty of decorations, serving trays, and flower decor to make any wedding budget look fancy. Overall, a beautiful wedding relies on a simple formula. To begin, have a cute food display with lost of pretty decorations. Secondly,  a wide array of pretty colors and simple treats to keep your guests happy.  In conclusion, Cactus Catering takes pride in our decorative food displays and tasty food items that you can hire for decent prices.

In short, call us for details and pricing at (602) 935-6508

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